Professional support

driven by unique insights and an innovative approach.

Dynamic team

that adapts and grows with the prevailing climate.

Effective financial solutions

for challenging markets.

Partner-led relationships

that inspire confidence and approachability.


your future by supporting your vision.

New building

for a new way of doing business.


At Octagon we believe that our job is to support your future, the future of your business and personal wealth. We work closely with you to evaluate your needs and craft an innovative financial solution to support you.

The key to this strategy is partner-led relationships – with you and our partners, staff and stakeholders. Our teams of professional, dynamic, effective and approachable individuals are leaders in their field. Most importantly, they believe in the power of long-term relationships to help us deliver solutions that, while innovative, are driven by smart thinking as opposed to high-risk action, and are designed to navigate the constantly changing financial legal landscape.

Inspiration Through Insight

Employer bursary

While the 2017 Budget Speech left much to be desired, there was a glimmer among the gloom – particularly for employers and …

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Speculation has persisted for quite a while about whether or not non-executive directors are subject to VAT and/or PAYE.

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